12 week “Rest of your Life, Best of your Life” program

This 12 week intensive 1:1 program is for you if you just know things aren’t working in your life the way you want them to, even if you don’t know exactly what you need to improve.

The coaching process is a bit like peeling the layers off an onion. The more you discover about yourself, the easier it will be to uncover what you want your life to look like and to identify your inner strengths that will get you to where you want to be.

  • First we need to cut through the current overwhelm of not knowing where to focus your attention, or what your strengths are.
  • Create a vision of the life you want to live – fulfilled and thriving in every area: Personal, work, relationships etc.
  • Create a work-life balance which will enable you to identify the signs of burnout and show you how to prevent burnout.
  • Uncover your values and beliefs: they are the foundation of who you are.
  • How to use your values and beliefs strategically for building your future.
  • How to identify and unlock your potential without becoming overconfident or arrogant.
  • Setting goals and planning, step by step, how to achieve your goals.
  • Making decisions, trusting your gut.
  • Celebrating the fact that you are passionate about, and able to do, so many things. How to prioritize what to focus on. Drawing up a long-term plan to achieve your many goals.
  • Developing resilience. Conquering self-doubt, setbacks, impatience and coping with negative people.
  • Your emotions: acknowledge them and make them work for you by learning about Emotional Intelligence and how, by mastering Emotional Intelligence skills (behaviour patterns), you can improve your success in business and personal life.
  • Some of the Emotional Intelligence skills are time management and procrastination, effective communication, coping with change, conflict resolution, leading and managing a team etc.

Through a greater understanding of yourself, you will learn how to identify and reach your personal and professional goals.

Be prepared to commit yourself to change; the success of the coaching process is determined by your hard work and individual personality. I am your advocate; I share your determination to improve and my passion is to help you achieve the changes you desire.

During the program you will build your own personal workbook of insights, strategies and checklists which you can continue to implement in the future.

By the end of our 12 weeks together, you will be well on your way to living the rest of your life as the best of your life.

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