Let me introduce you to Sally. Read below why she came to me for Coaching:

Today, after our sessions together, Sally is not just her “old self” again, but a happier, more confident self, living out her dreams. In her own words; “Clair made it easy for me to define my goals and the means to achieve them. I cannot thank Clair enough for her patience, knowledge and insight.”

Read why Sally came to me for coaching:

“I just noticed your FB post and I feel compelled to email you.

I am desperate for change and direction.

I have suffered a lot of trauma over the last few years and my business partner passed away a few months ago.

I need to rediscover the BIG personality that I always had, which filled my days.

I have been in the real estate industry for 15 years and lost the confidence required to knock on doors which is required to keep me financially afloat.

But in the same breath I have some unique ideas to take myself into a new direction, but am totally STUCK.

I am hoping that if we worked together I could learn the skills I lack.”


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Caroline M

Clair’s life-coaching course was a real blessing to my husband and me as it helped us to address what exactly our goals were – how we rated the areas in our lives where we wanted to improve, such as vocation and finances, and what we wanted to achieve in terms of those areas.

We looked forward to our meetings with Clair and learned valuable lessons from them; one of the most significant points that I drew from the course was how closely our values and beliefs are intertwined with our goals and the importance of pursuing our goals in a positive way that mirrors and reflects our beliefs.

Clair provided us with food for thought, with hope, and with encouragement. A huge thank you to her for her professionalism, her preparation and her insight; I’d strongly recommend her course to anyone wanting to make positive changes in his or her life.

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Ron D

This helped me during a stressful time to refocus and plan very successful strategies.

Ray L

Clair demonstrates that she is truly concerned about people and their progress in life, including how they face and work through the many difficulties that life has a habit of presenting to people at various times in their lives.

Coupled with this, I would highlight that she is a true encourager of people. She seeks to blow wind into the sails of people consistently in order to see them overcome what they need to overcome and not lose heart along their own journey in life. I have personally seen the impact that this voice of encouragement has had in the lives of people that have found themselves in Clair’s circles.

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